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Sucker Punch E-Liquid (60mL)

Sucker Punch E-Liquid (60mL)

From the creators of industry best-sellers, Lemon Drop and Naked, comes a new line of juices with heavyweight champion flavours that go the distance. Get in the ring with Sucker Punch and prepare to experience fizzy, sour, bright, knockout flavours that'll have your tastes buds down n' out!

 Just don't start going toe to toe with us when you can't get enough of these flavours...

Green Burst: A 1-2 punch of lemon and lime, kicked up with tangy green apple and a kick of carbonation.

Orange Cannon: A knockout combo of fizzy, orange, and sour that'll rock your socks off. 

Purple Fury: A furious punch of all things purple that'll have you on the ropes - tangy grape accented with notes of black currant sour'd up with natural red raspberry.

This juice is considered a freebase e-liquid, meaning it might not run well in devices optimized for salt-nicotine, due to its thickness and composition. Please contact us if you're unsure what e-liquid products will work best in your device

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