Thank you for taking the time to visit our online store, or if we're lucky, for visiting our physical brick and mortar location. The Vape Café started with the idea that our clients (whether they were seasoned vaping professionals, or ex-smokers looking for alternatives for nicotine consumption) were searching for a clear, friendly, and honest purchasing experience. We bring that to the table. We come from humble beginnings in a small town, so we know the value of friendly, recognizable faces who know what you want, love, and need more of in your vaping experience. Our staff is small, which means you have access to professional vapers almost every day of the week in-store, and online, and we're happy to help. Whether you need recommendations, advice about your systems and juices, or you just want to stop by for a coffee and a chat, we want our store to feel like your store. By shopping with us, you're supporting small, local business, engaging in your community, and opening your door to the vaping industry.