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Koil Killaz Polar Edition ❆ E-Liquid (60mL)

Koil Killaz Polar Edition ❆ E-Liquid (60mL)

One of our strongest menthols to date, Koil Killaz Polar Edition offers bright fruit flavours with a polar-level cooling exhale. 

Rampage: A furious blend of pink guava, ripe mango, and fresh pineapple.
Rumble: A frozen symphony of secret tropical fruits with an icy exhale.
R.I.P.: A blend of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and guava doused with a splash of blood orange. 
Blitz: A watermelon blueberry pear symphony.
Roundhouse: A blend of juicy watermelon, peach, and raspberry.
Fury: Tropical pineapple juice, black currant and coconut milk.
Thrash: A frozen blend of mango, blueberry and citrus juice.
Fatal: Icy-cool pineapple, strawberry, and blood orange.
Savage: A frosty blend of refreshing watermelon and kiwi, combined with the tart edge of crimson strawberry fruit.

This juice is considered a freebase e-liquid, meaning it might not run well in devices optimized for salt-nicotine, due to its thickness and composition. Please contact us if you're unsure what e-liquid products will work best in your device.
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