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ELEV8 E-Liquid (60mL)

ELEV8 E-Liquid (60mL)

3...2...1... Houston, we have a favourite. Elev8 e-liquid is here to launch your into the flavour atmosphere. One small step for vape, one huge step for vapers everywhere. Do you think we're funny yet?

Lift: You’ll recognize the swirly, soft, sweet highs and crispy, crunchy lows, instantly. A familiar, cool and refreshing sweetness that goes perfectly with a summer afternoon. Always lift with your legs and good luck putting this one down. 

 Launch: Not your average cherry bomb, Freshly ripened cherries carefully maneuver the taste bud battlefield, Get your wicks ready and prepare for launch.
Rise:  Strawberries can go with anything so rise and shine or rise to the occasion, But always keep a bottle with you. The thick base rises to the top to meet the fresh strawberries. Be like the sun and continue to rise.

This juice is considered a freebase e-liquid, meaning it might not run well in devices optimized for salt-nicotine, due to its thickness and composition. Please contact us if you're unsure what e-liquid products will work best in your device. 

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