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Asmodus Battery Analyzer

Asmodus Battery Analyzer

Worried about the quality and health of your batteries? Leave the guess and check method in the dust with the new Asmodus Battery Analyzer. This analyzer has several different modes, making it an experts dream for quickly checking battery health. 

  • Battery Charge Mode: As simple as it says, charges your batteries at 2amps to ensure the quickest, and safest battery charge every time. 
  • Battery Capacity Detection: This mode can be used to determine the current available capacity of the cells within the battery. Charging and discharging the battery can cause cell damage over time, so this feature will give you an up to date, accurate number correlating to current battery life. 
  • Battery Resistance Detection: This mode is useful in determining the stability of the cells within the battery. The lower the resistance value the better condition the internal battery cells are. This means your batteries are still pushing out great power, and doing so safely! (Remember: resistance creates heat, and hot batteries are a big no!)
  • Battery Max Output Current Detection: This mode is often overlooked, but is one of the most important for battery safety. This mod will let you know what ampere load your batteries can handle safely, to help you avoid discharging the battery too low. 


1x Asmodus Battery Analyzer

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