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Apple Drop Iced ❆ Salts (30mL)

Apple Drop Iced ❆ Salts (30mL)

From the makers of the best-selling brand Lemon Drop, Apple Drop has the same punchy, bright, accurate flavour composition with a new base flavour: tasting subtly of fresh red apple.

Berries: Delicious red and green sour apple tossed together with an assortment of delicious berries. 

Double Apple: The classic pairing of red fuji apple and tangy green granny smith for that sour kick. 

Watermelon: Juicy sweet watermelon accented with refreshingly crisp apples.

Lychee: Tropical lychee and sweet red apple.

Cranberry: Tart cranberries blended with red apple.

Grape: Tart apple and purple grape.

Peach: Juicy peach and sweet red apple

Please note, salt nic is intended to be used in pod systems or other similar low wattage devices. Please consult us if you are unsure if your device meets the requirements of salt nicotine.

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