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U-Turn Premium E-Liquids

U Turn



A delicious, well-crafted Canadian e-juice, and a great value too!  70% VG 30% PG

Cinnamon Churro-  Our fluffy, warm, fresh out the fryer churro dusted with cinnamon sugar. Have you tried U-turn's Cinnamon Churro yet? Go ahead, make the U-turn!

Crunch Berry-  Crisp, fruity, with a taste that's out of control! Crunch Berry is a sweet, milky vape with a delightful cereal crunchiness that will never fail to make you smile.

Melon Ice- Melon Ice brings cool, icy refreshment to the mild and crisp taste of sweet melon. Often considered an unexpected favorite!

Melon Cream- A rich, creamy sweetness, impossibly soft. The light, bright taste of fresh watermelon. How can these two unique flavors collide so perfectly?

Golden Tobacco-  A setting sun, red and low in the sky; this is the backdrop for our dark, honeyed Cavendish tobacco. A true classic!

Naked- A juice stripped of all flavor is a blank canvas, ready to be transformed! Get creative and check out our source code with this U-Turn template!

Menthol Tobacco- This remarkably icy, soothing experience brings to mind a green leaf and rich, flue-cured tobacco. Well-made and well loved, there's nothing else quite like it! 65%VG 35% PG

Cucumber Mint- Cool cucumber, with a crisp exhale and a fruity undertone.

Peppermint- An old favourite, Peppermint has a delightfully sharp taste and a long-lasting finish. Be warned: like Kryptonite, it may become your greatest weakness!
65% VG 35% PG