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Overkast E-liquid




Another up-and-coming Western Canadian powerhouse, Overkast E-liquid has some super complex flavors such as:

Cran Tang Clan - 

Imagine if a gang of cranberry thugs and a rival gang of tangerine assassins had a shootout in the capital city of what is your tastebuds. The chaos that would ensue, is Cran Tang Clan.

A tart flavour, with a well balanced sweet and sour profile.

One of my personal favorites, It reminds me of bottle caps candy.

Ratio: 85:15 VG/PG

Glitch -

Glitch is a distinctive blend of fresh strawberries, and sweet kiwis, with a hint of cream. If you like strawberry-kiwi vapes, this is for you.

Ratio: 85:15 VG/PG

Lou - 

Inspired by the drink Caribou Lou, this liquid is a well blended pineapple-coconut-rum flavour.

Although I was going for Caribou Lou, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback saying it tastes like Pina Colada, and that it reminds people of Malibu. Either way this stuff is tasty.

Ratio: 85:15 VG/PG

RCT (Raspberry Chai Tea) - 

RCT is a fully bodied chai tea flavour with a hint of raspberry. A unique and distinctive flavour, RCT has been called “a cure for vapers tounge”  by a number of its fans. If you like chai tea, you will probably love this.

Ratio: 85:15 VG/PG