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Salt nix has come together with some of todays leading brands to bring us an amazing mixture of juices!

This refreshing mix of iced tea, lemonade, apple and kiwi translates incredibly well into a 50/50 Salt NIX formula. It’s an easy-going all day vape for those who like a balance of sweet, tart and fruity. This e-Liquid will be available in 2% and 4%.


An incredibly nuanced and balanced blend of over 20 aromas; Nectar D’Or is E-Apothecary’s specialty flavour that features a luxurious assembly of butterscotch, tobacco, whiskey, hazelnut, coffee and so much more.

An update to the classic apple and grape flavour combination, Aether Springs mixes Aloe Vera into the mix to create a mouthwateringly fresh vaping experience. This light and fresh e-Liquid comes from one of the Nation’s favourite mixologists, Alex ‘Bowtie’ Beaucage.

We’re reviving Thick Oil’s renowned discontinued dessert tobacco, Lion’s Oil, into the perfect all-day tobacco Salt NIX e-liquid. This flavour is a modified RY4 that features creamy caramel, light tobacco and fragrant vanilla.

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