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LowPro RDA Atomizer OG Stainless




The LowPro RDA is the shortest atty in the market, with a base standing tall at 10mm, surprising capable of holding up to 3.5mm of the latest e-juice and spacious enough for a precise builld and post construction. It can handle a plethora of builds in a unique build deck, single or dual coil configurations with a silver positive post for optimal electrical conductivity. Engineered with adjustable single and dual cyclop airslot for a variety of concentrated airflows in a compact form, it is perfect for maximal airflow intake while maintaining top-notch flavors when paired with a mechanical mod. The Delrin drip tip features a honeycomb filter to prevent splitback while providing high safety protection. The LowPro RDA is a must have stealth atty for advanced cloud chasers.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 10mm Base
  • 3.5mm Deep Juice Weli
  • Sngle Airflow Option
  • Adjustable Airflow¬†
  • Deckmilled Negatives
  • Insulator Center Post
  • Silver Plated Positives
  • Delrin Honeycomb
  • Spitback Protection


  • 1 LowPro Atty RDA

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