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Kloud Panda



Winter Strike -  We had one thing in mind when mixing this beauty: fresh. The initial vape of Winter Strike‘s deep chocolate is easy to take in over and over again because, hey, it’s chocolate. But the best part is the invigorating mint undertone that creeps into the mouth feel on every exhale. A two-sided flavor like this is some of the most fun you’ll have vaping. Focus on the sum of its parts or just enjoy how all the details play together – it’s your choice, but don’t be surprised if you become a Winter Strike expert by the end of the night.

Thunder Petal - Do you remember that one vacation? You know, that one? Kloud Panda does, because that's where we came up with Thunder Petal. This might be our juiciest mix – a sweet, sugary reminder of those mango or pineapple concoctions you enjoyed by the pool or on the beach. Understated but complex, the multiple tropical notes are easy to enjoy and fun to pick out – we know because we keep getting e-mails about it! This is a perfect “snack” vape for wherever you may be – or wherever you wish you were

Elders Word - is why we started Kloud Panda – it really is that simple. This “crown jewel” of our dessert line is simultaneously the most complex and the most straightforward of our vapes. This full-bodied, perfectly buttery, and flaky pastry blend is such an easy sell that we almost feel guilty for making it.

Each vaper who tries it comes back with something different: “Vanilla!” or “This is almost like a s’more” are pretty common, but we’ve heard “Dude! Is that peanut butter!?” a few times now, too. Try it for yourself and see what you find, and then try it again to see what else is there.