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Kapow Salts (30mL)

Kapow Salts (30mL)

 Experience Kapow! This sweet, original candy flavor packs a powerful punch that'll leave your taste buds wanting more! With unique and new flavor combinations, you'll be wowed by what you taste! Get ready for a flavor explosion - Kapow!

Classic Red: A classic dark, citrusy, caramelly, bubbly soft-drink.

I'm Blue: Juicy blue-raspberries in their purest form, with a touch of ice.

Nana: Fluffy, soft, sweet bananas complimented by a cool, icy exhale.
Off Route: Your favorite dark, sweet, bubbly soft-drink. 

Pixi: Tangy, sour sugar-sticks!

Rocketship: A tri-coloured, icy, sumertime treat. 

Stick It: Stick it to your taste buds with this chewy, bubbly, poppin' blend of watermelon and strawberry.

Strappy: Green apple dipped in sweet strawberry syrup!

Cloudy: A blue and pink swirl of your favorite carnival treat. A yummy swirl of luscious strawberry and sweet tangy raspberries.

Belts: A strapping good flavour of chewy sweet strawberry with a sour finish.

Squares: One-of-a-kind watermelon pink square candy flavor that makes your taste buds do a happy dance.

Super Sour: A name that says it all - pucker up for a "JOLT" of sour goodness. Tart and tangy with subtle hints of citrus - this sour bomb will keep you guessing!
White Freeze: White freezie

Please note, salt nic is intended to be used in pod systems or other similar low wattage devices. Please consult us if you are unsure if your device meets the requirements of salt nicotine.

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