Vape Cafe Ltd

Who is Vape Café?

Hey All, thanks for visiting our interweb store, or if we were lucky enough to have you visit our physical, brick and mortar location, Great!  Vape Café pretty much started with the idea that vapers, whether trying to quit or even seasoned enthusiasts, were looking for a GREAT experience, outside of the equipment or juices they could get at other shops.  Firstly, we are not a 420 or bong shop, so all you'll find here is great people, great equipment, and an ever-increasing menu of flavorful juices.  Customer service is paramount, and we take safety very serious, so you'll always get the advice you need, even if you don't want it.  Oh yeah, did I mention you can chill with a hot cup of coffee? After all, we are The Vape Café on First!  See ya in person or online!